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The White House is now working with social media about covid and what is disinformation or misinformation and flagging what is to be taken down

This is ‘the camel’s nose under the tent’.

This is nothing less than a road test for other unrelated edicts leading into 2022 on various bogus pretexts. Now that the precedent has been set, there’s no end to what can be confected to be banned ‘in the national interest’.

Twelve months ago the idea was that the coronavirus came from a wet market. Anything else, like that it came from the Wuhan lab for example, was misinformation but now the opposite seems to be true. The virus was originally said to be no worse than a bad flu. Now that’s changed as well. Masks were said to be of no benefit now they are de rigueur

The question is what constitutes misinformation, when and decided by whom?