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At 14 she is not  old enough to vote or drive or marry or consent to sex or anything at all really because of her age and her not, fully formed brain which doesn’t happen not until age 25.

But somehow, when it comes to the toxicity of the transgender agenda all the guard rails of society, put in place to protect a minor against their own lack of maturity, judgement and stupidity and for their own protection are dismantled and a child is somehow old enough to make irreversible, permanent, life altering decisions and her father jailed for trying to perform his parental duties.

How did we get here?

Many decades ago, Ayn Rand described how it happens and how we got here thus:

“..The uncontested absurdities of today are the accepted slogans of tomorrow. They come to be accepted by degrees, by dint of constant pressure on one side and constant retreat on the other until one day they are suddenly declared to be the country’s official ideology..”

How prescient is that?

It’s a decades old, earlier version of the more recent concept of what’s known as “The Overton Window ” of what’s politically and therefore socially and culturally acceptable.

Many on the radical left suggest that the idea of the slippery slope is a myth and a conspiracy theory while in pursuit of their agenda.

I think we can safely say that the idea of the slippery slope as a conspiracy theory and a myth, is itself a conspiracy theory and a myth.

And just what is that agenda?

The agenda of the hard Marxist left is to overturn everything you can imagine or think of and some you can’t. It all has to go. No vestige of normal — social, cultural, economic and political — anything regarded as normal can be left standing.

That is why under the guise of the virus you’re seeing this constant attack on the concept of “normal” and hearing about the “new normal” and a “reset”

It is that simple. It is not at all complicated and it is most definitely NOT a conspiracy theory.

We have a working model with both the communist China cultural revolution, in our own collective lifetimes from 1966 to the mid 70’s and in the mid 1970’s Pol Pots killing fields in Cambodia, where everything was reduced to year zero.

The aim in China as it is now, in the West, was not just overturn the normal, but to burn all those values, traditions, beliefs, history and mores to the ground and salt the earth so they couldn’t  re-emerge.

It’s a culture war in the true sense of the word, war. The idea is to leave the society and culture as you have known and understood it a smoking ruin so they can rebuild it as they see fit.

This 14 year old girl in Canada and the jailing of her father are just collateral damage, the casualties of the war, in pursuit of that agenda.


Canadian man jailed for calling his biologically female child as “daughter”