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Many people in an unthinking kind of way refer to the Greens and write them off as “Green loonies”.

This is a big mistake. The Greens are simply fly in, fly out pests

They know exactly what they’re doing and such a dismissive characterisation, lets them off the hook as a bit nutty and eccentric and trivialises and understates what they’re really all about and their true agenda.

The very reason they continue to make headway is because we treat them like simple garden pests and don’t take them seriously, tending to swat them away like flies at a summer bar b cue as a mere nuisance and inconvenience.

They are not loonies and we dismiss them at our peril.  They’re organised, they’re on the march and their virulent, toxic world view has been able to metastasise right through society for the very reason that for far too long they’ve been treated as a joke by the mainstream while cleverly manipulating and massaging the minds and emotions of millions of useful idiots.

These are the foot soldiers in the culture wars with a Marxist Agenda to deindustrialise the West. It is no accident that the likes of Lee Rhiannon with her communist baggage finds a home in the Greens.