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Notice, how many of these policies like the domestic violence tax in announced by the toy town parliament in Canberra last week are dressed up in terms of motherhood statements. Policies like Safe Families in the case of the domestic violence tax. Safe Schools, the brainchild of the Andrews Government, should be about bike helmets and look right and look left instead of being about gender bending and child grooming. Respectful Relationships (also in Victoria) should be about exactly that, but it too has a far left sex and gender agenda designed to smash societal norms. Then there’s the Labor/Union “Truckies Road Safety Tribunal. This is a policy designed to tailgate private, non unionised transport operators off the road out of business and into bankruptcy but it’s dressed up as a road safety issue. Prime facie, who could argue with any of these?? They are so motherhood. Unfortunately the positioning and marketing language to sell these atrocious concepts and ideas is all very slippery, deceptive and Orwellian. I hope people aren’t falling for it.

Jim Ball