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If you were to judge on the chalk and cheese comparisons between the Democrat and Republican conventions of the last couple of weeks, you would have to say that Trump and the Republicans have this in the bag.

Not so fast.

Perhaps, possibly maybe, but they should know by now that they must not get too comfortable because it’s still eight weeks to Election Day.

Because the voters have the memory of a housefly, if the riots peter out or diminish because of bad polling or something else drops, who knows where the result will land on November 3.

If Trump is to win though, it must be with an unambiguous landslide that simply cannot be manipulated, contested or stolen

Last week, the Democrat’s convention was dark, dystopian, dour and lugubrious. Full of self-loathing and hatred.

This week the Republicans were all upbeat and full of sunny, blue sky, shining city on the hill, optimism.

They didn’t miss a beat. The Republican convention was all about ordinary people who through no fault of their own and for one reason or another were thrust on to the national stage.

The Democrat convention was all about themselves and their whiney narrow and partisan identity groups.

You might think that the Republicans have it in the bag but it would be a mistake to misjudge the demonstrated capacity and lengths to which the Democrats will go.

They are cornered and like any animal when cornered they are desperate and will do anything to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

They have never accepted or conceded their defeat of 2016 and have demonstrated their capacity to lie, cheat, steal and overturn that result to no avail.

These are the people who thought nothing of weaponising the instruments of state, just like the CCP or Soviet Union against their political opponents.

Think, Spy Gate where FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith deliberately altered an email to portray Carter Page as a foreign asset of Russia when he was actually an asset of the CIA spying on Russia for the US. This was then presented to a court to get a warrant to listen in on communications of the Trump campaign.

After the pursuit of Carter Page failed, the corrupt FBI moved in to frame Michael Flynn and actually put in writing their intentions. The pursuit of Flynn was at the behest of Obama himself at a Jan 5 meeting 2017, in the Oval Office, after Trump had already been elected but in the transition phase.

After the election and inauguration, it was the FBI and the CIA that disseminated the Russian collusion dossier which was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. This dossier was then presented to The FISA court as evidence of Russian collusion by the Trump campaign. It was all a hoax but they simply didn’t care.

When Spy Gate and Russian collusion failed, they moved on to the failed, Ukraine impeachment hoax.

In recent weeks they’ve been trying to launch another hoax, the great mail box heist hoax of 2020.

Wednesday this week, Hillary Clinton: “..Joe Biden should not concede under ANY circumstances..”

The very next day, Thursday, Nancy Pelosi (the plastic face, polident princess) — “..Joe Biden should not debate Donald Trump..”

These people are worried because they know they’re in big trouble with another dud candidate who is being manipulated by the eminence grise of the far left of the Democrat party.

If the election result is anything less than a landslide or in any way marginal or there’s any room for conjecture, as they’ve demonstrated previously, they will stop at nothing try and steal the result in marginal seats and swing states.

They’ve demonstrated through their Spy Gate, Russian collusion and Ukraine impeachment activities exactly what they’re capable of and how far they’re prepared to go.

You watch.

A few days after the election when they’ve worked out how many votes they need to put them over the top they’ll find 20,000 votes here and there in various districts that fell off the back of a truck or in the boot of someone’s car “they forgot about” or down the back of someone’s couch.

It cannot be understated the lengths to which they will go.

They’ve done this kind of last minute, rabbit out of the hat thing before.

It’s always their final, last gasp, Hail Mary pass of desperation.

Remember how just when it looked like Brett Cavanaugh was all but confirmed as a SCOTUS justice, they pulled the stunt with the letter from Christine Blasey Ford. They don’t pull it out until they think they need to. They keep it up their sleeves.

This was another failed hoax where even their own witnesses said they knew nothing about any of it.

This is Obama’s life’s work to ‘fundamentally Transform America’ as commenced under him but came off the rails in 2016 and now, in 2020 everything is on the line.

They came so close in 2016 and if they lose again, with Trump setting a new course, people will notice and people will benefit, then it will be over for the Democrat party for a generation and probably longer.

Remember, there is nothing so desperate as a criminal cornered and with nowhere to go. They’ll do anything.