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As important as they are, anaesthetising Australians by prosecuting the case and tweaking the knobs and the obscure detail and minutiae on the likes of industrial relations, tax reform and deeming rates will only get you so far and last for a few political cycles before another change of government and another round of counter cyclical reform and change at the hands of unions, the Greens and social justice warriors.

After twelve years of chaos and wheels spinning in the political mud, May 18 was not an excuse for the government to hit the snooze button, goof off, reset cruise control and get all relaxed and comfortable.

It’s time to get on with it or get out of the way.

Even Labor understands this, as demonstrated by their (albeit cack handed) roll out of the NBN.

What is it about the timidity and hesitancy of conservative governments at the Federal level? They should check out and take a leaf from the book of the NSW Liberals.

Unlike the other micro economic reforms of IR and tax that are subject to the political winds and the caprice of politicians, major infrastructure projects are there for the long haul and with interest rates at historic lows, if even a supposed ‘can do’, cheery and upbeat, ScoMo government doesn’t understand, and get the importance and urgency of a commitment to imaginative, dynamic and productive, major infra structure projects on energy and water to the psyche and soul of the nation, and fast, then Morrisons ‘quiet Australians’ will very quickly become the disillusioned, angry, annoyed and very pissed off Australians.