If Iran continues down the path to exceed its uranium enrichment over the 2015 agreement, they too, will see themselves on the receiving end of a pin point, targeted attack to take out their facilities.

Israel has done this twice before – that we know of.


The first was in 1981 when they took out the Osirak facility under construction in Iraq and the second was in September 2007 when, as outlined in the recently released book Shadow Strike, Israel took out Syria’s nuclear facility, also under construction.

Given how events unfolded, it is not unrealistic to imagine that in both cases, these facilities would have, temporarily at least, fallen into the hands of ISIS in recent years, giving them the ability to proliferate dirty bombs globally in downtown anywhere.

Hopefully economic sanctions will bring the mullahs to the table but if not, there are other, demonstrated options available to those who see Iran as an existential threat.

With Israel’s strike rate of two out of two, in true Clint Eastwood style, the Mullahs need to ask themselves one question, ‘do you feel lucky, punk’