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With gender bending now reaching into Australian schools and teachers being told not to refer to girls as, well, um, er, girls and with the gender minority tail  wagging the majority dog and forcing the majority to subscribe to the values, views and predilections of the minority,  I thought it worth reposting my own views on this from 6 weeks ago.

“.The politics of inclusion that includes everyone except you.

There been a great deal of talk in recent years, (first introduced into the Australian political lexicon as near as I can recall by Julia Gillard), about the rather benign word “inclusion”
The word inclusion has more recently become a very politically correct, slippery and loaded term in the Orwellian sense, designed to deceive as to its real, underlying purpose and intent. Designed to divide. Designed to carve out a voting block that excludes rather than includes.
Notice too how it is exclusively used by the hard left determined and on a mission to invert and rewire society.  .
So embedded has such language become in day to day conversation that the word “inclusion” gets thrown around mindlessly like any other contemporary buzz word or cliche.

When Robert Menzies spoke about “the forgotten people” he was talking about the genuine economic down and outs. He was talking about inclusion in the genuine sense.
The idea of inclusion is a noble sentiment provided that you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. This is exactly what’s happened and why we have seen the rise of Donald Trump in the US and Brexit in the UK. The people are striking back.

The ordinary, average, everyday person and family just getting on with their lives have become the ignored, ordinary, average everyday, excluded person.

The new, put upon, new forgotten people have been replaced by every fringe dwelling, whiny minority and alternative and confected identity group with a grievance. These groups are then pandered to, bundled into a voting block, and then bought off by the political class of The Greens and Labor. All in the name of inclusion.

The silent majority has become the forgotten and ignored majority.

These days the word “inclusion” when used almost exclusively by the left and meant to have a touch of the noble Menzies vision about it, is an entirely different beast to what is commonly understood.
What in fact it means and its intention, is to appeal in such a way as to bring you into the fold of the left only to be to smothered and confused and have you surrender your mind and soul to their cultural Marxist, politically correct group think.
This is not dissimilar to some of the ratty organised religions like Scientology. Once you’re in, there’s no way out.

The lesson here is to be always wary of words and phrases, (and particularly who is using them) that have you saying to yourself “who could possibly argue with that”?
Once you’re hooked with such slick, tricky, benign and banal sounding words, it’s game over..”