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Hillary Clinton was making noises again earlier this week about how she’s not finished with politics.

What was she really saying?

Let me have a go at deconstructing her kite flying.

Keeping in mind Biden’s flailing performance and failing mental acuity and his appalling polling numbers combined with the total dud that is his vp, Kamala Harris with equally bad public appeal, the Democrats have to do something. And fast.

Here’s the scenario I see and probably the only card with any degree of certainty they have left with only months to go before the engines start revving for the mid -term elections in November next year..

Step 1. Harris is offered a deal to step aside as vp opening the way for Clinton as vp, if Clinton can get the approval of a majority of both houses.

(In the house the Dems have only a 5 seat majority, in the senate it’s 50/50 with the vp having the casting vote so essentially Harris would be voting for her own replacement, so the inducement for her “resignation” will have to be something seriously good)

Step 2. Biden is then sidelined by a majority of his cabinet under the 25th amendment on the grounds of medical (mental) incapacity.

Step 3. Clinton steps in, in the same way Gerald Ford did after Nixon resigned.


(As a matter of interest Ford himself was inserted as vp mid-term after the downfall of Spiro Agnew in 1973, on grounds of conspiracy, bribery, extortion and tax fraud)