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Back in a previous life I used to talk about, at least in broad brush, overview terms, as well as Antonio Gramsci ,The Frankfurt School.


The attitude from many listeners I hate to say was pretty much,  ho hum….that kind of thing will never happen…can’t happen….in a robust and dynamic democracy like we enjoy in the West.


And here we are in 2021 and it is happening.


One of the characters of the Frankfurt School was German born (as they all we’re) political theorist Herbert Marcuse.


Marcuse was a very big noise at the University of Berkeley, California in the 1960’s and is responsible for much of the indoctrination and promulgation of the anti western attitudes of baby boomers who went on to undermine, infect and, in the name of Antonio Gramcsi, March Through The Institutions of academe, the bureaucracy and politics.


Marcuse was able to do this by cleverly harnessing and locking into the hippy movement, the race war movement, the feminist movement, the anti Vietnam war movement and the general counter culture and Timothy Leary, 1966 inspired attitude of, the “Turn on, tune in, drop out” zeitgeist of the time


The results that we see today with what’s going on with the tech titans and Twitter and even radio stations in America absolutely forbidden from talking about voter fraud and voter fraud becoming verboten, all stem from Marcuse and his idea of what he called “repressive tolerance”


What is repressive tolerance? Repressive tolerance is exactly what is going on right now.


This is his own definition from an essay of 1965,


“…the withdrawal of toleration of speech and assembly from groups and movements” on the Right, and the aggressively partisan promotion of speech, groups, and progressive movements on the Left..”


In January 2021, is this starting to sound familiar?