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You really have to wonder what kind of a dark, dystopian, new dark age, and satanic pit of hell the world has plunged into and what kind of twisted, insane, demented and totally wicked mindset is at work, when issues like late term, day before birth abortion for any reason  and the compulsory edict that boys who believe they are girls, be accepted and allowed to play as girls and use girls locker rooms, are motivating issues of the day. Or even issues at all.

Now we see it all, red in tooth and claw.

Societal acceptance by compulsion if necessary, of the perversion of paedophilia surely must be the final, remaining shoe to drop.

Probably not in our lifetime, (although when you see the rapid unravelling to date over the transgender issue it’s impossible to know for sure) but at some point there will be a presidential, executive order with the coda and to the effect that it would be discriminatory not accept paedophilia as a sexual orientation and lifestyle choice because some people are born that way and just as we heard from Biden’s press secretary earlier today in a non-answer on transgender girls, that “transgender rights are human rights” the same argument will be made.

These are the sick issues, the illness and ailments of great moment that keeps the left awake at night.

Although these kind of things don’t effect most people they are a shameful and embarrassing signifier and a wakeup call as to where we’ve landed.

For all its advancement in areas of science and enlightenment, the West itself deserves to be aborted.