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With the Democrats you can always tell what they’ve got planned when they accuse others of doing what they actually plan to do or have done.


Russian collusion?? They were the ones colluding. Dirty deeds in Ukraine?? That was them too. That’s what they were doing.


Prior to 2016 election they were so sure they were across the line that they specifically asked Trump if he would accept the result and of course they’ve been throwing a tantrum ever since.


Now they’re at it again, trying to get in first by framing and crafting the story-line in advance and sowing the seeds for a contested election result  by suggesting that the military will have be called in to drag Trump from the Oval Office on Inauguration Day. Which, decoded means that just like 2016, they don’t intend to accept the result and another humiliating and ignominious drubbing and rejection by the people.


To this end they’ve been war gaming the transition to a Biden presidency if Trump were to refuse to relinquish power after the election given an ambiguous and contested result. That’s the scenario and imagery they are trying to sow in the public imagination.


Well, of course Trump would have no choice, providing that the election result was clear and wasn’t up in the air as a result of mail in voting election fraud or some other nefarious activity.  Always a distinct possibility.


The results in that case could be up in the air way beyond the normal, almost three month transition period between November 3 and inauguration on January 20 with every doubtful vote up for litigation. The Biden camp has already engaged something like 600 lawyers and 10,000 volunteers to ride shotgun on doubtful votes.


The fact that they’re war gaming this scenario is quite bizarre and very suspicious almost like they’re curating a plan B. Like, who does that and why wouldn’t he go?


Keeping in mind that less than half an hour after he was inaugurated in 2017, the Dems and the media were talking about impeachment and he hadn’t even got his feet under the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office yet.


The group behind this is known as The Transition Integrity Project. The TIP market themselves as a bipartisan outfit but when you drill down and look at the vested interests and individuals it is quite apparent they are anything but bipartisan. Just the opposite in fact.


So just who is behind the Transition Integrity Project and who is funding it?


Surprise, surprise..


You’ll be shocked to learn that it is the play thing of the George Soros, Open Society Foundation, The Gates Foundation AND the Berggruen Institute which is highly linked to the Chinese Communist Party.


Soros and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are well known but what is the Berggruen Institute is and who is behind it? Who sits on it’s board that are putting themselves up as a neutral, bipartisan arbiters to give evidence and lend weight in a contested election?


The person in charge of the Transition Integrity Project is Rosa Brooks, a George Soros, Open Society chief. Brooks was tight with both the Obama and Clinton administrations.


More importantly, and what gives the game away, is who is on the board of the Beggruen 21st Century Council Institute.


Jack Dorsey the founder and boss of Twitter, Helle Thoring-Schmidt member of Facebooks censorship oversight board and former Danish Social Democrat Prime Minister of Denmark, former UK Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Elon Musk, Larry Summers (also tight with the Clinton administration) Arianna Huffington of the very left, Huffington Post and Eric Schmidt of Google PLUS four members of the Chinese Communist Party.


It is classic Freudian projection.


As I wrote at the outset, if you want to know what they have planned just take note of what they accuse you of doing and take it to the bank that that is what they intend to do. It’s that simple.


In this case, it’s the Democrats who, just like in 2016, aren’t going to accept the result if they lose and also like last time, (if Trump doesn’t get a landslide win) they will do everything to de-legitimise and derail Trump’s second term for the full, four years. Like the Chinese Communist Party and “The Party” in 1984, the Democrats can never be wrong. If the lose it is always a mistake.


If the Republicans don’t get on top of this and out in front, they deserve to lose. It’s quite apparent what’s going on, what’s being formulated and by whom and it needs to be exposed.




EXCLUSIVE: Soros, Gates-Linked Election ‘Integrity’ Group Falsifies ‘Bipartisan’ Claims While War-Gaming How Biden Could Seize Power Even if Trump Wins