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Back at the time of Trump impeachment 2.0 last year over the phone call to Ukraine, Trump as he does, did the unexpected and actually released the transcript of the call which shot the claims and accusations down in flames.


It was key exculpatory evidence. Case closed.


In an exercise of reality distortion, the Democrat impeachment manager at the time, pencil neck, Adam Schiff, for historical and propaganda purposes read into the record another, totally confected version of the same letter that bore no resemblance to the actually transcript of the original.


It was all about getting the fake version on the official Hansard record.


This time around they’ve done the same thing in a blatant thirteen minute propaganda piece worthy of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi propaganda guru, Leni Riefenstahl whose movies are considered the most effective and innovative propaganda films of all time


Anyone seeing the slickly edited, cut and paste and tightly crafted, colour and movement video of this year’s impeachment episode for the first time, would be shocked.


It is another frightening exercise in reality distortion and propaganda.


Frightening in the sense that it demonstrates just how easy it is to fool the gullible and low information citizen with high value, Hollywood  production techniques and how, with very tightly framed, high impact and dishonest editing, produce, twist and distort reality.


Like the sideshow hall of mirrors, reality is twisted and distorted into a version of events that again, like the Schiff letter in impeachment 2.0, bears no reflection of reality and attribute actions by editing out the context or deleting entirely what was said so as not to interrupt the colour and movement and allowing it to flow over the viewer.


Just as with any Hollywood production, realty has been totally suspended.


Like Riefenstahl’s anti-Jewish propaganda of Hitler’s Germany, portraying and associating them with scurrying rats, it has been created specifically to manipulate emotions.


Key exculpatory phrases and words have been edited out entirely and apparently video from other events from 2015, before Trump was even around have been inserted to burnish and embellish the myth and create the false narrative and sequence of events.


At least when it comes to the Republicans video version tomorrow there will be no need for any slick editing.


The now, all too familiar, raw, uncut footage of many Democrat politicians, pundits and television talking heads, talking up and inciting violence over the last couple of years, like Maxine Waters and VP Kamala Harris or Senate minority leader at the time, Chuck Schummer, threatening Supreme Court justices amidst a mob baying for blood while banging on the doors of the Supreme Court, will underscore their dishonesty and hypocrisy