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In 2021, truth has become a fungible commodity based on emotion and personal belief so I find it fascinating how the very same people who don’t believe in truth but rather that, in their postmodern, “post-truth” world, where the concept has become outdated, and where “truth” is a relative or a social construct, with no such thing as objective truth on the basis that everyone has “their own truth”, are quite happy to weaponise it by way of an Orwellian “truth commission”. 

How does that work exactly?

Following their lead, we may well ask: Whose truth? Which truth? And who decides? Put it another way. “All truths are equal but some truths are more equal than others”. 

The real truth is that this is simply an attempt to rewrite history to comport with the carefully crafted and curated myths and narratives of the hard left.

Why not call the noble sounding “truth commission” what it really is? It is nothing less that a medieval Star Chamber. A “struggle session” in the tradition  of the Chinese communist party cultural revolution, circa 1966.