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Listening to a podcast last week and again I was subjected to the mindless, clueless, rehearsed talking points and the associated fawning apology for “white privilege”.

I say cluelessly because it is quite clear that the white privilege incantation is the end product of years of indoctrination to be repeated like some programmed cyborg that has surrendered their own faculties of logic, reason, self respect and personal dignity.

But it got me thinking. What next? Health privilege? People who look after themselves with diet and exercise reap the benefits, including non-whites. Check your favourite NRL team. Not only dozens of indigenous or Maori players that are they at the peak of their fitness but they make huge money.

Other people of all colours just don’t care and can’t be bothered.

Larry Elder who is a highly regarded and highly successful, black talk show host in America and recently ran in the recall gubernatorial (governor) election in California was referred to by journalists and talking heads on CNN and others of the alphabet networks, as the “black face of white supremacy”.

So uncontrollably giddy we’re they, they said the quiet part out loud, proving for all to see and hear that it is they, who are the racists.

Was Barrack Obama, voted twice as president, also the black face of white privilege or does that label only apply to one side of the political divide?

Retired army colonel Alan West, another black man who is also running for Governor of Texas as a Republican, was described on the weekend by an MSNBC commentator as providing Republicans with “all-natural flavour racism” and “a blackface with a 1990s flat-top haircut.” In other words because he’s black AND a conservative, he is a sell-out. He’s an Uncle Tom.

The label merely proves the point that the term white privilege is simply a political flag of convenience a political cudgel, but the cyborg dummies that mindlessly repeat it and apologise for their “privilege” are just more of Lenin’s ‘useful idiots”.

And they never go to the next phase. Having declared and apologised for their white privilege they stop short of saying what they intend to do about it. As they say talk is cheap.

Apart from anything else and like much else these days, this is a mental health issue.

It’s about trying to assuage some deep seated sense of personal guilt and shifting it on to the shoulders of everyone else.

But why this emphasis on skin colour. That would be racist, wouldn’t it? Or is it that only whites can be racist?

If it were suggested that people of whatever colour were indolent, shiftless, slothful or stupid, that would most definitely be racist so why isn’t referring to people who study, work, sacrifice and succeed and happen to be white and as having white privilege, also racist?

Where does the successful black person who studies, works and sacrifices and succeeds (like Larry Elder or Barrack Obama)  fit into the  white privilege equation?

What about the millions of white people who also suffer a life of despair and deprivation often through circumstances over which they have no control? Are they privileged too.

That kind of gives the game away that the the entire confected concept of “white privilege” is purely political and about creating division.