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The Golden Gate Bridge authority is spending $142 million on a net surrounding both sides of the bridge to prevent people from jumping off and killing themselves.  For $142 million, the net must be spun of gold.  But it’s an incredible waste of money that will probably end up saving few if any lives.

The first problem with the net is that once people jump into it, they can climb out and jump again.  All they are doing is making suicide a two-jump process.  Will some people reconsider taking the second jump after taking the first?  It is impossible to know.

But what we do know is that the net will become an “attractive nuisance,” driving crazy, drunk, or drugged people to jump into it for the “thrill” of it, risking injuries, all in an effort to experience a deadly thrill or make a viral YouTube video. Golden Gate Bridge $142 million suicide net has big loophole