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Worth checking out this story from 7.30 on ABC iview. It’s got NSW Liberal Party and Party donor corruption written all over it. The lobbyist for Brookfield-Multiplex (at least used to be Michael Photios and we can only assume nothing’s changed) and his Premier State lobbying outfit. Photos is also the mover and shaker and head of the controlling faction of the NSW State Liberals with major leverage when it comes to preselection. How convenient and conflicting is that?? Most people can join the dots on this I suspect.

.”…In 2013, two years after the Coalition took power, he secured a meeting with 10 government agencies and thought he had finally broken through.

Five days later Liberal Party donor and property developer Multiplex started securing contracts with stakeholders at the fish market. Mr Deans is convinced they only did so because they were tipped off by the Government that Mr Deans was making headway.

He is now barred from entering the Sydney Fish Market site, and late last year Mr Baird announced the Government was embarking upon a redevelopment of the fish market. Mr Deans, who has fought about half-a-dozen court cases and has lost millions of dollars, did not provide a proposal…”  Realtor says car firebombed over Sydney Fish Market redevelopment plans