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It’s stating the obvious, but as obvious as it is, it is obviously lost on so many, seemingly normal and intelligent people, so busy are they getting off on the misty eyed and misguided romance of renewable enrgy that it needs to be spelled out in clear concise language that can’t be misunderstood and leave no room for ambiguity or equivocation.


We often hear partisan political ideologues, vested interests with skin in the game, and talking heads, lobbyists and climate pundits rabbiting on and talking up about the beauty of renewables and the logical point that no one ever seems to want to accept is this:


We have the profession of meteorology and weather forecasting for the simple reason that weather by its very nature is variable and intermittent, therefore it follows that an electricity supply relying on the weather will by definition, also be variable and intermittent.


Why is this so difficult to understand?


And more to the point, surely it follows by necessity that part of the 24/72 hour weather forecast into the future, like bushfire and flood alerts, will include a similar alert by way of a scale or index as to electricity supply for the ensuing 24/72 hours