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This is shocking.
I heard this exchange on radio yesterday with the snippy, snarling, salivating pit-bull lawyer for the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Association trying to badger and savage John Elferink the former Child Protection Commissioner when he was giving his evidence at the Royal Commission.
They just didn’t want to hear it. They didn’t want to know.
Their misguided protection racket of cultural practices (genital mutilation and child marriage) that we would demonise in Islam or child sexual abuse in the Catholic church, was as blatant as it was ugly. The video of the proceedings are even worse.
It is the stuff of the Spanish Inquisition.
“…It is disgraceful that lawyers for Aboriginal groups and a royal commission yesterday savaged former NT Child Protection Minister John Elferink for warning of the genital mutilation of Aboriginal boys and forced marriages of Aboriginal children.
But he was challenged over his motives for raising the issues, with counsel for the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Association Peggy Dwyer accusing him of trying to demonise Aboriginal communities.
‘You are prepared to make a statement to this Royal Commission that has the effect of demonising an Aboriginal cultural practice, correct?’ she asked…
This is astonishing. Haven’t we just gone through years of attacking Catholic bishops for not believing or heeding warnings of child abuse in their ranks?
Why were they angry when someone tried to protect children from barbaric customs? Shooting The Messenger On Aboriginal Child Abuse