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Now this oxygen thief,  Hamdi Alqudsi the jihadi recruiter,  (multiple wives and on the disability support pension) can sob for the next 6 years as he did the other day in court at his pre sentence hearing when talking about his love of Australia. (I’m sure he meant the Australian welfare cheques).
Equally intriguing is the behaviour of one of his wives, Carnita Mathews when pulled over by the police 6 years ago in June 2010. She accused the cop of trying to remove her burqua. What the lying bitch didn’t know is that the car camera was rolling and caught the lot. Below…

The bit that riles though and goes to demonstrate just how inept the legal system is can be understood  from the following  sequel when this all played out in court.

 “..Ms Matthews, 47, from Woodbine, in Sydney’s southwest, had been sentenced to six months in jail for making a deliberately false statement that a policeman tried to forcibly remove her burqa because he was a racist.

But judge Clive Jeffreys said yesterday he was not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that it was Mrs Matthews who made the racism accusation because the person who complained to police was wearing a burqa at the time.

The absurdity of the law is that, to reach the level of proof of identity to make the case, Mrs Matthews would have been required to identify herself by lifting her burqa at the police station – what started the uproar in the first place…”