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If I were Malcolm Turnbull I wouldn’t be the least bit concerned about his drop in popularity since the election. Quite frankly, I don’t think the average Australian knows what they want, expect or deserve from the government, just so long as taxes are minimised and a raft of welfare payments are freely available.

Few seem concerned at the escalating debt, the economy or the budget. Perhaps we need to go broke before people wake up.

John George, Terrigal, NSW

With his polling heading south, not to mention his wafer-thin one-seat majority, plus the lack of an economic leadership run on the board, I’m looking forward to Leigh Sales repeating her infamous question to Malcolm Turnbull, “so then what was the point of knifing Tony Abbott?”

Mandy Macmillan, Singleton, NSW

I don’t know which is worse; the egregious branding of Australian voters as bigots or the attempt by self-righteous politicians to hijack their vote. It is an ugly time. Either way it looks like a transparent desire by advocates to avoid a loss at the polls. Fair enough for them, but not for me. I want my say.

David Robertson, Red Hill, ACT

Senator Nick Xenophon claims that the same sex marriage plebiscite, which is likely to cost in the vicinity of $160 million, is a waste of money. What then does he say about the extra $10 billion it is going to cost all Australian taxpayers to subsidise the construction of submarines in his home state of South Australia?

Coke Tomyn, Camberwell, Vic

the Xenophon squad and the Greens think they have saved same-sex marriage from an unfavourable plebiscite result, nothing will happen until after the next election in three years’ time and, perhaps, not then.

Malcolm McMurray, St Ives, NSW