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The ABC was at it again in this weeks Science Show: Has ‘denying ‘won?  telling a whopper that is quite easily debunked and discredited. Listening to RN’s Science Show at midday and it was a Climate Change/Warmsters wet dream.The ABC’s go to guy and all round climate pet, Andy Pittman was specifically asked about the belief in the mid 70’s in a coming ice age. He was then asked whether Time Magazine ran a cover page to that effect at the time.
He categorically said no.
But then he jumped the shark and went further and said that it was a climate denier conspiracy.
You can hear him here if you can be bothered at around the 13:50 mark. In fact they didn’t just run one front cover, they ran three.
In 1973, 1977 and again in 1979. This one is from 1973
For the record Newsweek also ran a cover “The Cooling World” in April 1975.