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Prepare to shudder. If you thought the battle in America between the America First, Trumpians and the cabal of big business, Silicon Valley and Wall Street globalist elites was just a local skirmish, think again.

It is part of a much, much, bigger and audacious geopolitical play that will eventually be coming up your street.

And sooner than you think…

It’s basically a power sharing arrangement between the elites who know what’s best and communist China.


The ‘GREAT RESET’ is a globalist power grab

“….You think things couldn’t get much worse for so-called free speech than Twitter and the rest of the global censors blocking you on social media? Well, what about if some supranational entity had ‘absolute control of thought, speech and action’ over everyone, all in the name of better ‘world governance’ and allegedly for your own good? And it will, if the plutocratic power freaks pushing the ‘Great Reset’ get their way. A chilling prospect if ever there was one and something even pessimists would surely regard as still in the realms of Orwellian fantasy. We shall see.

The principle of the ‘Great Reset’ amounts to a ‘new colonialism’ to be imposed through the ‘converging and merging’ of ‘profiteering capitalism, the big-tech giants of Western countries’ and ‘the communism of the People’s Republic of China.’ The result, he told the journalist Edward Pentin of the (American) National Catholic Register, will be a ‘unified capital-socialism’ determined to regulate not only what you say, but what you do and think – presumably to eliminate even the possibility of criticism of itself.

Müller’s warning is unlikely to be reported by the mainstream media in Australia, which makes it all the more important that so reasoned a denunciation be circulated in magazines like this one to reach the widest possible audience.

What would the Davos-Beijing idyll look like in practical terms? Commenting on the Müller interview in LifeSite News, German political analyst Maike Hickson suggests that there would be a carve-up of power with global capitalism running and effectively owning everything while the ‘masses’ are kept in check by socialism.

If that sounds far-fetched, it’s worth considering what the WEF itself says about what’s in store for us, as proclaimed in its own video ‘Eight Predictions for the World in 2030’, released after its meeting in Davos, Switzerland, in January last year.

For a start, don’t spend the next decade laying up for yourself treasure on earth, for a Davos dictatoriate, it implies, will abolish private property. …”