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“…Brexit prevailed, and our globalist elites are shocked! The rest of us are shocked that they are shocked. The elites of the globalist world are shocked by the candidacy of Donald Trump. What is wrong with this picture? It is a loud shout-out re: the willful blindness of those globalist elites…like Cameron, Obama, Kerry, etc. Obama threatened the Brits: if they voted for Brexit, they would “go to the end of the queue.” What a thug our misguided president is – and an ignorant one at that. The Brits just gave Obama the back of their hand. The Rout Of The Globalists. American Thinker.
None of the U.K. toffs or the American lib elites thought this would happen. How fun to see them so discombobulated. But who on Earth could believe that the people of the Britain could possibly be happy with what has happened to their country? They have been overrun by immigrants from vastly different cultures who demand and get submission to their religious mandates. They are being out-populated by the birthrates of those immigrants. Entire neighborhoods are now governed by sharia law. British citizens are daily victimized by the few but venal among those immigrants. And still, the elites of the world believed that the U.K. would vote to stay in the EU! Can there be any question about the cluelessness of our self-regarded betters?

If Brexit is not a wake-up call for Americans, then we are truly mind-numbed. Trump may be a jerk, but he is not Hillary. She is America’s version of the U.K. elite, ready to sell us out for the deadly imposition of political correctness. Think before you vote. Our lives and the future of this once great nation depend upon who is elected in November…”