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This is not so much the Bible on the 2020 election as a brag sheet and the 12 months of planning and co-ordination it took to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat —

Like an arsonist returning to the scene of his crime and standing off at a distance watching the police and ambulance cordon off and investigate, this entire feature is about mopping up, getting out in front and controlling and framing the narrative. The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election It’s the entire manual of psy-ops and extortion of how the left pulled off the election heist of the century. Although it makes for a rollicking read of collusion and conspiracy and addresses how they did what they did, how they organised and  colluded, it doesn’t address or only partially addresses the very real issue of the voter and election fraud required to legitimately actually win.

The one thing that does stand out, is just how dedicated and well organised the left is. To them it’s a full time job.

Note how in his mad King George 3rd state of mind Joe Biden has been signing a veritable flurry, a blizzard of Executive Orders in his first 15 days, but in this piece they characterise Trump as the one who is “autocratically inclined”. (Biden’s up to 40 that’s even more than FDR (30).  Worth noting also that they “..successfully pressured social media companies to take a harder line against disinformation..” 

That hard-line extended to these same social media companies not allowing the New York Post, Hunter Biden laptop story to be posted on Twitter and Facebook because they had deemed it “Russian disinformation”. And these were the same people who pushed the Russian collusion hoax and who were now going to take a hardlkine agaionst disinformation? The laptop was anything other than Russian disinformation. It was all very real and true. In fact all, along the FBI had the laptop and had Hunter Biden under investigation since 2018.

The Molly Ball, Time Magazine piece was the “how to” manual. A separate essay by Lee Smith The Thirty Tyrants explains why and the cui bono