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Memo to Penny Wong: Wasn’t that great the way the British people discovered what the majority wanted?

Barry Lamb, Heidelberg West, Vic


As a gay man in favour of same-sex marriage, I find Penny Wong’s hypocrisy mind-blowing. As a member of the Gillard government, Wong refused to support putting the issue to a vote in parliament on the grounds that it was not Labor policy. Now she berates Malcolm Turnbull for his promise to put the issue to a plebiscite, despite that being Liberal policy. No wonder Australians are losing faith in their politicians.

Tony Barnett, Kangaroo Valley, NSW


For many years in the 1960s, Europeans led by Charles de Gaulle denied Britain access to the then Common Market. They can hardly complain now that the Brits want to leave their sinking ship.

Rob Hurdwell,
Alexandra Headland, Qld


Bill Shorten must be wishing he had not agreed to appear on the ABC’s 7.30. He came across as evasive, embarrassed and dishonest.

Robert McCormick, Bridgewater, SA


Bill Shorten’s Medi-scare campaign is an old marketing ploy. Convince people they have a problem, then sell them a solution. Cosmetic companies have used it for years. It was prevalent during the American Wild West days when practitioners were called snake oil salesmen.

Tom Barry, Jindabyne, NSW

Bill Shorten should not be too distressed about lying to the public but he should be very concerned that whatever he says in the future cannot be believed.

George Fishman, Vaucluse, NSW

Bill Shorten should get real. The freeze on Medicare rebates was introduced in 2013 by the Labor government, not by Malcolm Turnbull. Shorten should stop trying to frighten us about what the Libs might do. I am more frightened by what Labor actually did.

Graeme Suthers, Woodforde, SA

My congratulations to Leigh Sales for not laughing, just smiling at Bill Shorten on Thursday’s 7.30.

F. W. Anning, Ascot, Qld


Malcolm Turnbull reckons Daniel Andrews has caved in to the unions over the Victorian firefighter debacle. More like he is in lock-step with them.

Mark Postle, Mundubbera, Qld