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Brexit has demonstrated to the elites that democracy is far too dangerous to leave in the hands of the people.

David Meredith, Singleton, NSW

The people of Britain have certainly spoken in favour of democracy. The only thing of concern is that 48 per cent of the voters would still prefer to be ruled by an unelected dictatorial elite based in Brussels.

Greg Kater, Sanctuary Cove, Qld

There is a serious lesson for the Coalition and Labor from the UK Brexit referendum. The major parties can no longer frighten the electorate with dire consequences if voters do not follow party dictum. If the electorate wants minority government, then the major parties have to deal with it.

S.P. Dean, Carina Heights, Qld

For the first time in 40 years I’m not voting Labor. The fantastic and totally unsupported claim by Bill Shorten of a Coalition-led privatisation of Medicare has removed any of my support for a Labor Party led by this bullshit artist. I’m voting for the Nick Xenophon Team in both houses; anyone who has inspired such hatred (and fear) from both “major” parties has to be doing something right for the electorate.

George Lindon, Peterhead, SA

Can we pay South Australia to ­secede? Think of the savings in the long term and the political drongos we would be rid of.

John Graham, Woollahra, NSW

As the ALP insists this election is a referendum on Medicare, will Bill Shorten acknowledge in defeat that the Coalition has a mandate to privatise Medicare? With additional mandates for Gonski cutbacks, sensible broadband, temporary protection visas, free trade agreements and a plebiscite on gay marriage?

Greg Jones, Kogarah, NSW