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I suspect that most people have probably never heard of the Lebanese Concession of the mid 1970’s. This was a Malcolm Fraser immigration screw up and we are still paying the price today. The Lebanese Concession is the root cause of much of the crime, violence and Islamism in South West Sydney today. Some good reading on this at the links below.

“..The revelations in John Lyons’s article are is an indictment of all past federal governments. In 1976, the Fraser government was warned it was accepting too many Lebanese Muslim refugees without the qualities for successful integration. Cabinet documents revealed the decision to accept thousands of Lebanese Muslims fleeing the 1976 civil war led to a collapse of normal eligibility standards.

The then immigration minister told colleagues that officials had concerns about character requirements and personal qualities and the migrants’ ability to integrate. They elected to bring their violent past and ethnic problems with them.

Why, then, are we so surprised that many of these poorly educated immigrants turned to a life of crime, becoming thugs, standover men and drug dealers? The fact that taxpayers have to fund a specialist Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad speaks volumes about the failure of federal and state governments who have ignored the problem for decades..”

Gordon Kennedy,
Balgowlah Heights, NSW

Fraser was Warned on Lebanese Migrants

1970s Lebanese Commission led to an immigration debacle