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Gay death cleric Sekaleshfar has been allowed into Australia. Who screens the screeners?

Gerald Simenson, Coolbinia, WA

When hatred is used to fight hatred, hatred always wins.

Henry Herzog, St Kilda East, Vic

Is there anything that is more useless at solving the problem of radical Islam than a candle light vigil?

Neil Bradley, Auldana, SA

Yes, the incident in Orlando has a little bit to do with guns and a little bit to do with a medical condition, but for some reason most are ignoring that it has a lot to do with Islam. Islam is very clear on how gay people of all varieties are to be dealt with — being death by stoning or, as seen more lately, by being thrown off a building.

James Hein, Hackney, SA

Apropos of Orlando, why do people assume that one motive excludes another? What’s now called homophobia is a foundation value of unreformed Islam.

Carol Stone, Adelaide, SA