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Why are we so scared of offending the Muslim community? Political correctness has got us in a squirrel grip and we are bending over backwards to avoid offence. Many aren’t even prepared to mention the word Muslim when referring to Islamist terrorist attacks. Malcolm Turnbull regards as unacceptable the remarks of Shady Alsuleiman. Really? Only unacceptable? Let’s get some strength into the rhetoric. Why do you think Donald Trump is so popular? Because he says what a lot of people want to hear in a way people want to hear it.

Let’s stand up for ourselves for a change, not some other group that in so many ways has nothing in common with our religion or our social standards.

Brian Warrick, Bangalow, NSW

While Christians are vilified for voicing views on homosexuality, Muslims — some of whose co-religionists throw such sinners off tall buildings — dine in style at Kirribilli House.

Roseanne Schneider, Yeronga, Qld

Malcolm Turnbull’s Ramadan dinner was merely following a trend. But all the Christians I have spoken to say they have not received invitations to celebrate Christmas and Easter. I guess that they don’t need to be thanked for building this great country to which Muslims are now flocking.

Brian Whybrow, Wanniassa, ACT

The PM indicated that advice from ASIO caused him to avoid naming radical Islamist ideology as a cause of terrorism. Fortunately, newspapers are not run by ASIO and will continue to conduct open public debates. Our liberal democracy depends on genuine debate. What punishment would people receive under sharia law for writing and publishing this opinion?

T. Shields, East Brisbane, Qld

Bill Shorten tells us that a vote for Malcolm Turnbull is a vote for Tony Abbott. What he isn’t telling us is that a vote for Shorten is a vote for the union bosses who control Labor. Not standing for election, it is these people who, in effect, will control the government if Labor wins office.

Philip Temple, Larrakeyah, NT