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There is one reason why leftists won’t accept a plebiscite on gay marriage — they believe they might lose. It’s much easier to send their ratbag socialist groups out to target politicians, make a lot of noise, and accuse them of homophobia. I’m not opposed to gay marriage, but many in society feel otherwise, and their beliefs should be respected. The Left doesn’t understand the word respect.

John Capel, Black Rock, Vic

Terms such as racism, sexism, homophobia and Islamophobia are now being used by leftist activists to bully people with different but legitimate opinions into submission and cowering silence.

Words such as tolerance and equality have also been grossly distorted so as to effectively kill debate. At least we have some people of character such as Cory Bernardi who will not be bullied.

Deric Davidson, Bunbury, WA

Labor frontbencher Penny Wong thinks a plebiscite on same-sex marriage will deny her a marriage certificate and promote “hate speech”. That suggests she believes the plebiscite will fail and that most Australians will reject same-sex marriage. That she thinks this is unfair is an indication of how much of totalitarian she is.

And I am tired of advocates labelling everyone who objects to same-sex marriage as homophobic and propagators of hate speech. Objecting to same-sex marriage on moral and social grounds is not hatred or irrational. An example of irrational hatred is when one despises, demeans, and attacks anyone who has different views — yet this is what many same-sex marriage advocates often do.

Andrew Kulikovsky,
Mawson Lakes, SA

I see that Penny Wong says the Senate would block the legislation needed for the plebiscite on gay marriage. Her reasoning is that a plebiscite will bring out nasty comments against the gay community.

I can assure Wong that should the Senate block the legislation and deny the people the right to have a say on such a contentious subject, she will see plenty of vilification.

Meg Davis, Corinda, Qld

It is intriguing to read reports about Penny Wong’s concerns that a plebiscite on same-sex marriage will unleash untold hate speech. Pardon me if I am wrong, but over the years I have not known Wong to be backward on unleashing deriding comments towards her opponents — she is the master of the snide remark. In this debate, it is the same-sex marriage proponents who are more likely to unleash against those who attempt to sensibly and logically defend the traditional view of marriage — try bigots and homophobes for starters.

Peter D. Surkitt, Sandringham, Vic