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The electorate has yet to face reality, with many still believing that money grows on trees. Perhaps after capital investment stops, our AAA rating evaporates and interest rates go up, the resulting unemployment and financial crisis will do the trick. No one seems prepared to follow Paul Keating in telling it as it is.

Ken Dredge, Coolum Beach, Qld

If Malcolm Turnbull had put in just half the effort that he used in taking the top job from Tony Abbott then Bill Shorten wouldn’t have had a chance.

Ivan Cope, Doreen, Vic

Perhaps Malcolm Turnbull ran dead because he’s a Labor plant.

Peter Armitage, Carlton, Vic

Malcolm Turnbull’s ungracious post-election speech reinforced the adage that nothing good ever happens after midnight.

Riley Brown, Bondi Beach, NSW

There has never been a more exciting time to be a cartoonist.

Julia Archer, Broadview, SA

If conservative voters in the Mayo electorate expect support for a Coalition government, why didn’t they consider the possible consequences of voting against the Liberal candidate? Look no further than New England and Lyne in 2010.

Barbara McShane, Middleton, SA

I am tired of hearing about mandates. If you have a majority of elected representatives supporting a particular issue, then you have a mandate. If you don’t, you haven’t.

Peter Weier, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Peter Dutton blames others for his possible demise when he need look no further than himself. Like his colleagues, he took the electorate for granted and assumed he would be re-elected with ease. Will the conservatives learn from this disaster of their own making?

Meg Pickup, Ballina, NSW

When we deluded conservatives complained about the ousting of Tony Abbott in September, the commentariat laughed at us. Well they’re not laughing now, are they?

Paul Williams, Mt Barker, SA

Pauline Hanson’s views may belong to a minority, but she has established their validity in a democratic vote, and has every right to have her voice and views respected. I wait to see if such respect eventuates, especially among other minority groups.

Peter M. Wargent, Mosman, NSW

The Australian says Pauline Hanson has returned as the wrecker of conservative politics. Good on her. It’s about time politicians listened to non-latte-drinkers’ concerns.

Peter Condon, Monterey Keys, Qld