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(Irrespective on your views on abortion, this first letter highlights more hypocrisy of the Greens.)

How do left-green people rationalise protests over the felling of a tree or the killing of a slow dog yet remain silent on the death of unborn babies?

Ross Campbell, Balmain, NSW


If Pauline Hanson manages to have some effect on unwinding the renewable energy mess, her election will have been worthwhile (“One Nation may pull the plug on renewable energy”, 11/7). While climate change fanatics parrot their propaganda about imminent doom, electricity prices are crippling household budgets and are a disincentive to investment in industries that offer hope for jobs.

The Renewable Energy Act should be repealed. This might not suit those with a vested interest in continuing their journey on the gravy train, but it would go a long way to getting rid of this farcical system.

In the past 20 years the country has gone from a simple and reliable electricity supply model to one that is complex, expensive and inefficient and has transferred hundreds of millions of dollars from the pockets of consumers to those that have “invested in renewables” and now hold us to ransom.

David Bidstrup, Plympton Park, SA

Andrew Wilkie says the 2005 Bali bombing wouldn’t have occurred if Australia had not joined the invasion of Iraq. He skates over the fact that the 2002 Bali bombing, which had a death toll 10 times higher, took place before the invasion.

Terence Jessop, Killcare Heights, NSW


The 10,000 greyhounds which are to be banned from racing should be delivered to the home of Mike Baird where he will undoubtedly provide good care and exercise for them.

Charles Stanger, Manuka, ACT



It’s interesting that no one reflects about a potential PM having a reputation as a liar and the effect that might have on Australia’s reputation abroad. Then I read Patrick Smith’s article (“Porkies upon whoppers upon fibs”, 8/7) and thought why should he be making a political comment? Then I found he was only condemning dishonesty of leaders of football clubs.

It is more important to have integrity prevail in politics. Unfortunately, because our leaders set a deplorable standard of behaviour in federal and state parliaments, they are leading a decline in standards across Australia.
Ross Scholes-Robertson, Croydon, Vic