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The West can’t fight terrorism with candles and pretty lights. Force can only be countered by force and liberal notions of rights and freedom are just taken advantage of by those who would harm us. Democracies should renounce international agreements and laws that preclude them from deporting those who plan and support acts of terror, pour encourager les autres.

Iain Rae, River Heads, Qld

You can’t win a war while continuing to import the enemy.

Fabio Scalia, Windsor, Vic

It’s funny how mass migration is towards secular countries and away from non-secular ones.

Mike Young, Swanbourne, WA

I used to laugh at the Greens and their hilariously unscientific climate catastrophism, but after the mealy-mouthed appeasement of Islamist terrorism by their leader, I now see them as an unconscionable indulgence. How can anyone support a party that exists in such shameful ignorance of the difference between right and wrong?

G. M. Seabrook, Piccadilly, SA

It would be amusing if it weren’t so diabolically tragic, listening to and watching the apologists yet again tie themselves in knots to explain away the Islam inspired mass murder in Nice.

Blaming it on French colonialism of another time in North Africa and the Middle East simply doesn’t scan, and can’t avoid the fact that the perpetrator in this instance, although Tunisian-born in the mid 1980s and who would have had no direct experience of those colonial times, chose to live and derive the benefits and opportunities from the colonial oppressor.

The world, through bitter and recent experience, knows the truth and understands that ever since 9/11, an aggressive strain of Islam (is there any other kind?) intent on a global caliphate by immigration, a demographic jihad or more traditional jihad has been at war with the West.
Jim Ball, Narrabeen, NSW

We can’t simply wish away our problems. And being the nice guy in this war won’t work either. The war of jihad is among us and we must put down the politically correct baton if we want to survive this reality.

Our enemies are driving trucks through crowds and mowing down innocent lives while our political leaders worry about upsetting a minority of our population that doesn’t want to embrace the Australian way of life.

Wake up, Canberra. Stop stressing unimportant issues and start acting against this insidious fifth column that is infiltrating our honeyed land with its medieval political propaganda masquerading as a religion.

John Hunt, Northbridge, NSW

Like many of your contributors, I cannot stomach the carefully chosen, mealy-mouthed words our apologist politicians use to condemn Islamist atrocities. Even worse, are the deliberately I’ll-ride-with-you statements and platitudes that signal that the Greens contend liberal democracies such as France and Australia to be the real perpetrators.

The civilisational clash that exists between Islam and the Judaeo-Christian, liberal-democratic West is absolute. The battle has been raging for 1400 years and will not stop.

Islam is commanded by a book that reduces half its population (women) to virtual slavery and advocates punishments such as beheading and stoning to death for crimes, such as adultery and apostasy, and the genocide of kaffirs (that’s us) who fail to convert. Judaeo-Christianity has taught us to love our neighbours and turn the other cheek, and sinners to seek redemption. It is a theme that permeates the modern liberal-democratic state. But there is a point where we cannot tolerate the intolerant and that point has been reached.
Jim Wilson, Beaumont, SA