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Unfortunately I suspect that he Q&A would see this reaction as a plus, grist for their mill and all round job well done and good publicity. The honeymoon is well and truly over for the new MD Michele Guthrie.

Time to hose the joint out.


The ABC’s obsession with defending and advocating for radical Islam is bizarre and confusing, given its irrational hatred of mild-mannered Christianity. Islam is associated with subjugation of women, the execution or imprisonment of gays, persecution of other faiths and atheists and, of course, Islamist terrorism.

Wouldn’t an organisation that claims to be progressive give voice to progressive and reforming Muslims? The ABC can’t support feminism, personal and religious freedom, gay rights as well as radical Islam. One of them is a threat to the others.

Alenka Arundel, Swan View, WA
It looks as if it was the producer and host of Q&A who gave themselves an uppercut by inviting an Islamist sympathiser for a gotcha moment, as well as setting up an elected senator in a hostile environment. Q&A regularly has Greens senators on the panel who represent a philosophy more dangerous than anything Pauline Hanson espouses.

John McLeod, Sunshine Coast, Qld

Why is everybody amazed at Khaled Elomar’s appearance on Q&A? As a victim-playing, foul-mouthed bully, he is made for the show.

Martin Fitzgerald, Pennant Hills, NSW

Q&A described Australia as a Christian nation, but to Islam — be we Jews, Christians or non-believers — we are a nation of infidels.

Clyde Scaife, Hamilton, Vic

If Jeff Kennett thinks Pauline Hanson and Jacqui Lambie are divisive, does he regard Q&A as a unifying body?

Andrea Wright, Paddington, Qld

Due to Q&A’s inability to do basic checks, it might be useful to supply the names of questioners to panellists beforehand. This would allow panellists to spot any hypocrisy and bigotry in questions.

Graham Hood, Green Point, NSW

If Khaled Elomar showed his young son his own Facebook postings (“Go uppercut yourself: Q&A’s ‘good bloke’ Muslim lashed out at Hanson”, 22/7) and gave him access to newspapers and TV so that he had information on mass murder from 9/11 to the recent atrocities in France, he may not need to explain what makes people fearful for their safety.

Elomar could also explain to his son that there is very little evidence that religious leaders condemn the violence and try to encourage moderate and peaceful Islam. Indeed, many religious leaders can’t speak English so are unable to communicate with the wider community to allay any concerns they may have. We all understand that most Muslims want to live a peaceful life, but it’s the radical element that causes the questions that are being labelled as Islamophobic.

Bruce Collison, Banks, ACT

The ABC’s claims that Khaled Elomar was included in the Q&A audience, despite carrying out checks, is disingenuous to say the least. Doubtless they did carry out these checks, but I would suggest that he was included to gratify a left-wing audience and to ambush a democratically elected member of parliament. I live in hope that the new management of the ABC will study its charter so that it can again become a balanced organisation. But I won’t hold my breath.

Peter Hurdwell, Mount Colah, NSW

With Islamist terrorism and lone-wolf attacks now being perpetrated around the world, it’s rather hard to imagine why Khaled Elomar would wonder why Muslims are viewed with fear and suspicion.

So why does he go out of his way to be seen and identified as Islamic? Is it an act of defiance?

It seems Western nations have a fear of Islam while many within Islamic societies have a hatred of Western civilisation. Elomar’s Facebook page certainly reflects his real deep-seated attitudes towards us.

Ken Moncrieff, Stafford Heights, Qld

It shouldn’t be very hard for Khaled Elomar to explain Islamophobia to his son. He should start with his appalling behaviour and abuse of others and how that behaviour causes unease and fear among others. Then he should tell him about all the terrorist acts committed by Islamists in the name of Islam. If his son is as savvy as Elomar makes him out to be, he shouldn’t have any problems understanding it all.

Goyko Bandjen, Abbotsford, NSW

The ABC may have a new managing director but it seems it’s the same old Q&A. Host Tony Jones seems unable to resist using his obvious left-leaning agenda to drive discussion in one direction. He doesn’t appear to care about the bias or the adverse effect this can have on people who have views contrary to his. The way Pauline Hanson was treated was nothing short of appalling. If some leftie was treated in the same way all hell would break loose, but Hanson is fair game.

John George, Terrigal, NSW

After the Zaky Mullah gotcha moment on Q&A last year, on this page I called for the sacking of host Tony Jones. Since then we have had other gotcha moments, including Khaled Elomar accosting Pauline Hanson. Yet again the production staff have failed to vet those they choose to ask questions.

A quick search of social media would have revealed the extent of Elomar’s rants that include hatred of capitalism, Jews and Western democracy. If Elomar’s son read this, he would have an understanding of why some Australians, including democratically elected senators, are cautious about including seditious individuals in our migrant intake.

Elizabeth Baxter, Pullenvale, Qld