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The Prime Minister hosted an Eid Dinner at Kirribilli House at which one of the attendees was a controversial sheik whose views are anathema to most Australians, yet he chose not to attend the Great War centenary ceremonies honouring Australian sacrifices on the Western Front. Another example of his appalling lack of good judgment.

H.T. Beech, Toowoomba, Qld

It seems Malcolm Turnbull went AWL both on the Western Front and in the western suburbs.

Roseanne Schneider, Yeronga, Qld

As usual Paul Kelly has hit the mark with his central theme that leadership is lost without the motivation of a moral or spiritual foundation (“PM should not have been AWL on the Western Front”, 23/7). All that Malcolm Turnbull has so far offered during his tenure as PM is the cliche “There’s never been a more exciting time to be an Australian”.

This smacks of a grab from a spruiker hired to gee-up a tired sales force at the company convention. With few supporting policies it has not struck the moral or spiritual chord to motivate either side of the political divide.
David Taylor, Newport, NSW