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I wonder if I’m the only Liberal voter who thinks that Malcolm Turnbull could save himself, and Australia, a lot of anguish by quietly retiring to the backbench and giving Julie Bishop the mantle.

Steve Kessell, Willetton, WA

I don’t understand Malcolm Turnbull’s political misjudgements. The ABC’s Q&Acrowd assured us he’d be tremendous.

Ashley Miller, Malvern, Vic

I may not often agree with D.J. Fraser (Last Post, 2/8) but I share his views on Malcolm Turnbull’s longevity. Many female friends of mine who welcomed his arrival are becoming increasingly disillusioned with his performance.

David Crommelin, Strathfield, NSW

Whoever is advising Turnbull needs to be sacked. The PM needs to get down to the task of governing Australia and stop allowing Labor and the leftist media to write the agenda.

Peter D. Surkitt, Sandringham, Vic

Keith Russell’s grandpa (Last Post, 2/8) was prescient in that his observations seem to fit the Turnbull Liberal Party. It certainly has a lot of nuts that have turned to the Left lately.

Graham Anderson, Bundanoon, NSW

The world is not enough for Kevin Rudd.

Michael Dove, Ocean Reef, WA

I propose scholarships for the children of white Anglo-Saxon working and middle class gainfully employed heterosexual parents who are in a traditional marriage. I am sure by now they would qualify as a minority.

Peter Griffiths, Scarborough, Qld

That is terrific news that sexual orientation and behaviour can result in high school scholarships. Are there any scholarships for fornicators or is the whole thing discriminatory?

Peter Barnes, Revesby, NSW