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One of the emerging explanations for Australia’s disappointments at Rio is that Kitty Chiller, our chef de mission, isn’t a very good cook.

Oleh Butchatsky, Castlecrag, NSW

Athletes retire and new ones appear, but some administrators have been around since I was young enough to see myself as athletic.

Norm Neill, Darlinghurst, NSW

More Australian athletes were arrested in Rio than there were gold medallists. Surely that has to be a new Olympic record.

Riley Brown, Bondi Beach, NSW

Andrew Bogut wins the stare-off and DeMarcus Cousins wins the gold medal. No one doubts the Boomers’ endeavour but its success was commensurate with Australia’s overall effort in Rio — lots of promise (and hype) but ultimately underperformance.

Kim Keogh, East Fremantle, WA

Our athletes are expected to peak for trials before the Olympics and maintain that level for several months to compete at the actual Games. And then we express our disappointment at them for “failing”. For population size, and income support, they do us proud, and then we denigrate them. The AOC and others have unrealistic medal expectations and a shameful attitude when individuals bust a gut in Australia’s name.

Nancy Scamp, Page, ACT

In 1990 Bob Hawke was prime minister and John Coates became president of the AOC. Bob Hawke didn’t know when to let go as PM and Paul Keating rolled him. Now Coates says Australia’s performance is all someone else’s doing. That’s effrontery with a capital E. After 26 years as head of the AOC, you’d think he had to take some ownership. Is there a Paul Keating on the AOC?

Paul Everingham, Hamilton, Qld

There were two kinds of Australian Olympians. There were the professionals who didn’t bother with the games, and those who turned up at Rio equipped with body ornamentation as part of their celebrity status in the entertainment industry.

Then there were the athletes who participated in sometimes obscure sports, came to Rio often with the support of family and friends and did Australia proud simply by competing to their best ability. They seemed to be the ones more often taking home medals, their delight written on their faces and shared with millions.

Ken Barnes, Glen Iris, Vic