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It beats me how Bill Shorten can castigate Peter Dutton for telling the truth but defend David Feeney for omitting to be fully open.

Robin Flannery, Parrearra, Qld

It appears that David Feeney is negatively gearing Labor’s chances of winning government.

Mark Scanlan, Hawthorne, Qld

The mere fact that these would-be jihadists showed no respect for a court should be enough to revoke their citizenship because they have no interest in assimilating.

Brian Doherty, Beenleigh, Qld

Any accused who refuses to stand in our courts should be charged with contempt and asked to apply for citizenship of a country better suited to their beliefs.

J. Hargreaves, Kew, Vic

In case Labor has forgotten, it created the NBN, it presided over cost blowouts and lack of delivery, and Labor set the trajectory of the NBN. Labor sent the country from surplus to the largest deficits in history. Labor set the trajectory of most of Australia’s problems and now finds it convenient to blame the government while blocking reform in the Senate.

Ross Dillon, Coburg, Vic

The disgraceful behaviour shown by the alleged terrorists towards Melbourne magistrate Luisa Bazzani cannot be tolerated in a civilised society. If Islam really does prohibit showing respect to anyone except Allah, then we must ask ourselves whether Muslims can be part of modern Australia.

Why do so many Muslims want to live here when our justice system is seemingly so incompatible with their faith? Respect is a two-way street and if the Islamic community wants to be respected, the least it can do is demonstrate a willingness to have some regard for the justice system.

Jeremy C. Browne, Ripponlea, Vic

I fully understand the need to stop our young people becoming brainwashed but the recent incident, where five alleged terrorists were arrested near Cape York and extradited to Melbourne, has made me wonder if we are on the right track

These young men had their passports cancelled so they could not travel to Syria to fight for Islamic State. Instead they will be tried and, if found guilty, possibly jailed.

Wouldn’t it be a more sensible approach to let them go to Syria and cancel their passports after they have left Australia so they can’t return? If we stop them fighting for Islamic State, they will satisfy their urge to be violent by attacking Australian citizens, as we have seen in the past.
Tony Smith, Orange, NSW