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It doesn’t matter if you missed the original Kevin Donnelly column yesterday, Thought police screening schoolbooks you’ll get the general thrust.

“..Kevin Donnelly is to be commended for calling out the manipulation of young minds through secondary education to achieve the political objectives of the left.

What we are seeing in Victoria is the emergence of a democratic dictatorship — the dictatorship of the mind. At its core is an exercise in publicly funded deception. The result will be a fundamentally flawed view of human nature; the most damage being suffered by those malleable minds on whom this deception is inflicted. It is inflicted on school students, because they are the most vulnerable. This is a gross perversion..”

Peter R. Tredenick, Paddington, Qld

“..Thank you, Kevin Donnelly, for exposing again the activities of the PC thought police. It is bad enough living in the socialist republic of the ACT, but I really feel sorry for those living in Victoria which has been infiltrated by the far left as evidenced by the Trojan horse that is the Respectful Relationships program.

Australians are being taken for a ride by identity politics and its bedmate political correctness. Together, these comprise a fatal disease that is destroying our great society and other democracies around the world.

What are these phenomena? What are the effects and how has it come to this? Who is behind it all? How can it be stopped? We need answers to these questions. Unless this country reintegrates instead of fragmenting into a multitude of selfish, intolerant minority interests, I do not hold much hope for our future.

I trust that the intolerant minorities, now being egged on by certain political classes for their selfish ends, will come to realise that they exist only due to the forbearance and expense of the silent majority which, sooner or later, will say enough is enough. The irony is that the Labor Party could stop the rot overnight through bipartisan action with the government..”

M. Flint, Erindale, ACT