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Thank you, Henry Ergas, for speaking out against blatant lying by politicians (“Labor’s spending policies are a magic pudding”, 23/5). There is indeed something sinister about an entrenched disregard for truth.

The political system is based on an expectation that politicians will be honest and decent in their dealings. Sadly, it has become clear that many politicians are lacking in integrity and will lie without compunction if it suits their purposes.

We surely cannot continue with a system that potentially gives government to those who lie most effectively. We need an independent body that would expose lies told by politicians, and impose penalties on those who mislead the public.
Wendy Edgeley, Denmark, WA

The decline of the government’s popularity is of continuing concern for Liberal supporters (“Abbott ready if Turnbull fails”, 24/5). Malcolm Turnbull is doing his best to win over voters, but he is failing, as some of us knew he would from his performance as opposition leader.

So why wait until the government is defeated to return the legitimate prime minister to his position? Isn’t it better to succeed than fail? Is pride to come before the fall of a government where the alternative is unthinkable?

Lesley Beckhouse, Queanbeyan, NSW

Coalition MPs replaced Tony Abbott for Malcolm Turnbull’s gloss, a knee-jerk reaction to media vitriol about all things Abbott. Who could resist Turnbull’s smarts and smooth presentation? But many voters were appalled that ingrates in the party gave so little credence to the former PM’s focus, hard work and clarity of vision. Worried for their own seats, they succumbed to a siren song that proved mellifluous waffle.

The reality is that Turnbull’s argument for the top job was low ratings and the need for economic savvy, he has failed to deliver on both counts. At least with Abbott, we knew what he stood for, what he would deliver, and that he did just that. They might have been three-word catch cries, but they resonated with enough voters to deliver victory. Turnbull’s slogans leave us cold.

That Bill Shorten, who represents the financial trashing of the economy, could have a chance of repeating this, shows how slow Turnbull is to engage with people.

Ruth Bonetti, The Gap, Qld