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Someone should tell the Greens the definition of a bigot is someone who finds others’ views intolerable.

Jack Sonnemann, Lucaston, Tas

Well done, Pauline Hanson. She has said what many think. Those Greens who walked out are the bigots, the intolerant and the enemies of free speech. They showed contempt for the people of Australia by refusing to listen to someone duly elected and expressing opposing views.

For Muslims who may have been offended by what she said (and what many Australians think) it is up to them to prove Hanson wrong by assimilating, respecting our culture, our religion, our way of life and our laws.

Carryn McLean, Kingsley, WA

I hope the preaching Greens senators who walked out on Pauline Hanson stay out. After all, if they had not supported open-door undocumented immigration that has caused so much misery in Europe, she might not have had to speak on behalf of so many people who are sneered at by the politically correct.

Brian Whybrow, Wanniassa, ACT

Critics of Pauline Hanson’s speech should not deny Europe’s experience. If Islam achieves critical mass here, it will demand Australia adapts to its ways. Hanson’s warning was not racist, for Islam is many races. It is instead an imperialistic ideology wrapped up in religious garb. Denial of this serves only to threaten our security.

Dallas Clarnette, Rosebud, Vic

While Pauline Hanson is criticised for her comments about Islam and its incompatibility with Western secular society, one would do well to consider what it is about the content of Islamic indoctrination of its youth and converts that produces lethal violence.

It’s not radicals from the Jewish, Buddhist or fringe Christian groups who are advocating such violence. This reality must be addressed by those in authority. Complicating that, especially in the Middle East, is the perpetual lethal violence taking place within Islam.

Unless Islamic authorities resolve that particular issue, the violence will surely continue in that area of the world, with a never-ending stream of refugees invading European nations by default, while many other Islamic nations appear to be sitting idly by and watching that tragedy unfold.

Ken Moncrieff, Stafford Heights, Qld