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What Thinking Australians Are Thinking…
We were told we couldn’t have a plebiscite because it would be divisive. Well, we now have division but no plebiscite.
Jane Wilks, Baulkham Hills, NSW


Your article (“Gay rights activists target IBM executive”, 21/3) illustrates just how vitriolic and disgraceful this same-sex marriage activism has become. Those howling for the sacking of an IBM executive seem utterly oblivious to their own hypocrisy.

If we are supposed to celebrate diversity, to respect each other’s beliefs and preferences, how on earth do they justify their demands for Mr Allaby to be sacked simply because he is a Christian? Where is their respect for Mr Allaby’s right to his personal belief? “Do as we demand, or else,” seems to be the doctrine of the same sex marriage advocates.

Kate Ahmelman, Calliope, Qld

Thanks Jennifer Oriel for your insightful commentary (“Gay censors don’t want us thinking for ourselves”, 20/3). The public debate on same-sex marriage is almost non-existent at present — only one opinion is accepted. Different views are silenced with slogans and at times by outright aggression and bullying.

Any well-reasoned decision requires listening to both sides and carefully examining facts. I also think that judging this matter based on popularity and economic gain is shallow. Questions on marriage and family especially need to be well considered — they have radical impacts on humanity. Rushing into them because of public or corporate pressure is ridiculous and unfair.

Fiona Cassar, Killara, NSW
Now so-called marriage equality advocates want an executive sacked for being associated with a Christian organisation. This is the direct consequence of corporations and executives succumbing to pressure from marriage equality advocates, and getting involved in an issue they should stay well clear off. What next? Marriage equality vetting of every single appointment to senior positions in any corporation?

Goyko Bandjen, Strathfield, NSW

Given the intense bullying by the LGBTI industry, it seems the only action available for companies is to become completely agnostic on the issue. In that way, they can ensure a safe environment for both themselves and more importantly, their employees, one in which personal opinions and beliefs are respected.

Geoff O’Brien, Eltham, Vic

The standover tactics being used by Australian Marriage Equality are quite contrary to a fair go. Labor should reject these tactics and reach agreement with the government on holding a plebiscite at the next election. This would give all Australians a say and let the government, parliament and the rest of us get on with life.

Clive Jensen, Merewether, NSW