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Bingo!!!!  Now where have I heard these sentiments before?

Noel Pearson has nailed it again (“Racist ABC eager for us to live in misery”, 22/11). Like all industries, the grievance industry needs an ongoing market in order to thrive.
The ABC, the human rights people, refugee advocates and their fellow travellers cannot continue to mine billions of dollars of public money unless there are people trapped in a permanent cycle of victimhood. The last thing they want is to succeed, for a fair and equitable society will put them out of business.

David Waye, Pyalong, Vic

Noel Pearson is logically correct to point out that socially concerned organisations such as churches, unions, public broadcasters, and socialists are intrinsically interested in suffering. If there were no downtrodden and weary, there would be no USA — there’d just be a clump of theologically extreme people living in the north eastern states arguing about the best way to cook turkeys. Wise as Pearson is, he doesn’t really have a solution. Why? Because his entire motivation is premised on there being downtrodden people. He’s just arguing for franchise rights.

Keith Russell, Mayfield West, NSW

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry this morning reading Noel Pearson’s attack on the ABC for its apparent anti-Aboriginal bias. Little more than 12 hours ago I hit the TV off switch after hearing far too much from a Q&A guest blaming the epidemic of violence against indigenous women on anyone and anything, apart from indigenous men.
The ABC in dealing with indigenous affairs usually goes the extra mile to insult, denigrate and offend white Australian males at every opportunity, so I am utterly puzzled as to Noel’s remarks — a man I incidentally admire enormously along with Marcia Langton — and, for the first time in many years he has made me (almost) feel sorry for Aunty.

Bob McGilvray, Tumblong, NSW