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After week of our new parliament — political donation scandals, travel rorts, members fleeing early, Labor playing games. These are the people some want to rely on to make the decision on gay marriage.

Robert Gwyther, Leura, NSW

The Coalition government has a Wallabies look about it — no game plan, unable to defend itself against moves made by an opposition it can’t contain, invisible leadership and a waning support base.

Crispin Walters, Chapel Hill, Qld

Paul Kelly is spot-on — the ineptitude of this government has been exposed. With a one-seat majority, one does not have to be the smartest person in the room to know that vigilance and discipline is the order of the day.

Steve Ngeow, Chatswood, NSW

The whips need a good whipping.

David Hall, Labrador, Qld

If the government so lacks the basic numeracy and observational skills that it can’t see that it doesn’t have a majority, then how can we trust it to manage a multi-billion dollar economy?

Gerard Kirwan, Cremorne, NSW

Now we know who is NSW Labor senator Sam Dastyari’s paymaster — a company tied to the regime in communist China, not the people of NSW. It is beyond belief that a federal politician would accept money from such companies to cover his personal expenses. He is totally compromised. Dastyari should do the right thing by resigning immediately.

Michael J. Gamble, Belmont, Vic

If Sam Dastyari stays in charge of opposition Senate business, Bill Shorten will be underlining how others are held to much higher standards than Labor’s.

Albert Gerber, Griffith, ACT

With your expose of politicians’ travel sponsorship, it looks like Joe Hockey was correct — the age of entitlement is over, but not for politicians.

Geoff Smither, Kingsley, WA