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What Thinking Australians Are Thinking (part 2)

Just how morally bankrupt does someone have to be to be ruled unfit for public office in this country?

Paul Bickford, Windsor, Qld

When is the Labor Party going to conduct a royal commission on the conduct of Sam Dastyari?

Ross Connor, Hornsby, NSW

If Sam Dastyari did not know it was wrong to solicit the payment of his personal debts by an unrelated third party, he is unfit to remain in parliament. If he did know it was wrong, he is unfit to remain in parliament.

David Meredith, Singleton, NSW

Whether Sam Dastyari gets a second chance will not be Bill Shorten’ s call — it will be up to the voters. Politicians forget their existence depends on the voter. There are no safety nets in parliament.

J. D. Harding, Eastwood, NSW