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How dumb I must be thinking this double dissolution was all about the Australian Building and Construction Commission and the rule of law on building sites. No, it was all about Medicare, negative gearing and company tax rates. Nobody deserves to win this election.

Stan Yeaman, Scarborough, WA

What a cock-up. Call an election over union thuggery and then avoid the subject with great deftness for eight weeks, while nice-bloking your marginal seat-holders off a cliff.

Paul Browning, Boulder, WA

Turnbull has broken the hearts of those Australians who normally vote Liberal.

Gerard Barry, Roseville, NSW

And the winner is … Tony Abbott.

George Fishman, Vaucluse, NSW

Turnbull may have a lot of money but the capital he lacks is political.

Peter Penglis, Kambah, ACT

After five other largely successful careers, Turnbull has now twice failed his sixth — in politics.

Geoffrey Luck, Killara, NSW

History will look back at this election as the day Australia confirmed it was happy on the road to a Greece-like position and hit the accelerator.

Peter Martin, Port Douglas, Qld

In the political sphere, the ends seem to justify any means — truly some of our politicians are the drug cheats of our democracy. Yet the Australian Electoral Commission has none of the powers of an anti-doping authority.

Rob Silva, Lower Hermitage, SA

If Turnbull and his followers thought the Delcons were nothing more than an insignificant cabal of nutters who would fade into the night, have a chat with Abbott plotters Peter Hendy and Wyatt Roy.

John Dorman, Toowoomba, Qld

Perhaps Turnbull and Abbott now appreciate the wisdom of the adage: before you set out on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.

Bob Wallace, Dover Gardens, SA

Backstabbers never succeed. Malcolm copped a bashing, and Bill Shorten’s Labor has the lowest primary vote for about 100 years.

G.W. Rutherford, Clayfield, Qld

It was a referendum on the two major parties — which they both deservedly lost. At the start of the long campaign neither party had a coherent economic plan and by the end of it, the people decided wisely not to trust either with a clear mandate.

George Finlay, Balaclava, Vic