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Greg Sheridan (“Brexit would give Britain control of its borders again”, 28/5) expertly dissects the reasons for Britain leaving the EU. But he forgot the most important fact that shows the EU madness at its most inefficient — that in 2000, after 15 years’ deliberation, the EU finally agreed on a definition for chocolate.

David Welsh, Sunrise Beach, Qld

I note that Roz Ward, co-founder of the oxymoronic Safe Schools Coalition, has expressed her hatred of Australia by calling the flag racist. How a flag can be racist? Can a carpet be racist? I also note Ward says sorry to a government and LGBTI people, not to the 98 per cent of Australians who are not LGBTIs.

Mathew Wilson, Adelaide, SA

Now that Roz Ward has shown her true colours (or colour in this case), isn’t it about time our political leaders dissociated themselves from her and her fringe agenda?

Paul Holbourne, West Melbourne, Vic

Safe Schools is supposedly a program to prevent bullying, but is actually the opposite. Then co-founder Roz Ward posts on Facebook her true colours. I uphold free speech, which is being threatened on many fronts, but we do not need programs that force socialist dogma on our children. Teach them to read and then they can decide for themselves.

Helen M. Wyland, Rockhampton, Qld

As the Gender and Equality Commissioner has confirmed that the Safe Schools program “is about providing safe and inclusive environments for all LGBTI kids”, and has objected to heterosexuality as a “gender construct” into which people should not be fitted, are we to understand that bullying is still OK, so long as it’s confined to those less favoured people, heterosexuals?

Tim Saclier, Leopold, Vic