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It is strange that in the debate about what the Turnbull government has achieved in the past year, the submarine decision has not been mentioned. Is the government ashamed of it?

Roy Kington, Castle Hill, NSW

What would our allies think of a future Labor government that included Sam Dastyari? Would they be willing to share secrets with a government that included someone so compromised? Whatever the truth, suspicions would linger.

Burt Bosma, Surrey Hills, Vic

Bill Shorten’s statement that some gay youths may commit suicide if a plebiscite on same-sex marriage is held is no less than emotional blackmail. By twisting the debate in this manner, Shorten is changing the essential case — the nature of marriage — to whether homosexuality is accepted by society. This assessment of our attitudes is offensive and unbecoming of a parliamentarian.

James Turley, Geilston Bay, Tas

We plebs don’t need to be told how to vote, thanks very much.

Katherine Edhouse, South Fremantle, WA