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“…Political correctness has attained a level of institutional power today in the United States that it can justifiably be compared with the totalitarian brainwashing efforts seen in Mao Tse-tung’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (also known as “fundamental transformation”). The salient social mechanisms shared by the two efforts at thought reform are pubic shame and self-criticism. Thought Reform in America
Decades ago, when China first opened up, I met a prominent Chinese scientist finally able to travel to the USA, who had been denounced, tortured, and imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution for his crimes of having a PhD from an American university and being dedicated to scientific truth instead of political doctrine. I will never forget the broken man talking about he had been made to confess his crimes in front of a howling mob.

Things have not come to this point in the US, I realize, But the mechanism of self-criticism is the same. By affirming something that is known to be untrue, the subject loses control of his own will, surrendering something of the soul…”